Individual, group, & on the course golf lessons…
The Arizona Biltmore Golf Club in Phoenix offers a variety of golf instruction packages to cater to golfers of all skill levels. Elevate your game with golf lessons from top LPGA Teaching Professional Tina Tombs. Tina Tombs is an LPGA Class A Professional that is committed to helping you improve your golf game and bringing added enjoyment to the great game of golf.

Tina was recently recognized by the LPGA as the 2022 Nancy Lopez Golf Achievement Award winner, which recognizes an LPGA Professional who gives back to the game in the spirit of Nancy Lopez.

Schedule your first life-changing golf lesson today with Tina Tombs Golf at 480-225-0948 or visit her website for more information.

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Individual Golf Lessons

The Arizona Biltmore Golf Club offers individual golf lessons for those interested in taking their game to the next level, and accommodates players of all skill level.

To schedule a golf lesson or to get information on pricing, contact Tina Tombs or call 480-225-0948.

Our professional golf lessons include:

  • Interview to determine what the student’s goal
  • Evaluation of current swing mechanics and positons
  • Evaluation of health issues and equipment fitting
  • A strategy to reach to reach their goal

On Course Golf Lessons

On Course Golf Sessions can also be customized to the individual needs of the student or group of students. Our on course golf sessions will help each student play the “game within the game!” You will learn how to see the golf course with a different view, and how to transfer the skills you are learning on the range to the golf course.

To book your on the course lessons, contact Tina Tombs or call 480-225-0948 for pricing and availability.
We offer on course golf lessons for both individuals and group rates.

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Group Golf Lessons

The Arizona Biltmore Golf Club in Phoenix, AZ will customize group lessons to suit your individual group’s needs. We can customize your group golf lessons with a short game, bunker, or full swing lesson. Each group golf lesson will be a 1:4 ratio (1 instructor per 4 students). This ensures that each student receives the required attention they deserve.
To book a group golf lessons or to get information on pricing, contact Tina Tombs or call 480-225-0948.

Corporate Golf Clinics

Enhance your next corporate event at the Arizona Biltmore with a professional golf clinic from LPGA Teaching Professional Tina Tombs. From improving your tee-shot to all aspects of your short game, we can customize the golf clinic to meet your needs. They can be specific to the short game, bunker lesson, 30-60 yard pitch shots, short irons, hybrids and driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are required for a group clinic?
A golf clinic for a corporate or individual group must consist of 16 or more students.

How do I schedule a golf clinic for my group?
To schedule a golf clinic, contact Tina Tombs or call 480-225-0948.