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From reducing the anxiety and stress of everyday life to fighting the ongoing battle to maintain a healthy waistline, the game of golf at Arizona Biltmore Golf Club offers a wide variety of benefits.


1. Slow and Easy

Golf is a great way to improve your physical fitness through low-impact, sustained activity suitable to all exercise levels and abilities – men, women, juniors, seniors – and the game is adaptable to meet the needs of golfers with disabilities.
Not only does swinging 90-plus times per round leave muscles sore the next day, but swinging a golf club is considered a full-body workout. You will be working your arms, legs, and core all at once. Golfers also walk up to 5-6 miles during a typical round, burning about 1,000 to 2,000 calories. If you think walking is a drag, start out by jumping out of the cart to walk throughout the round whenever the opportunity arises. Sometimes walking allows you time to contemplate your next shot, or just some time to take in our incredible Arizona surroundings.


2. Golf Is a Stress Reliever

In the same way crossword puzzles sharpen the mind and relieve stress, golf challenges players to a mental game of risk and reward, leading to the secretion of anxiety-reducing endorphins. These feel-good neurotransmitters also boost confidence along with other benefits. Just being surrounded by nature, breathing fresh air and exercising calms the nerves. Finally, golf affords people the liberating outlet to escape the day-to-day grind.


3. Injury Improbability

Although golf does demand a legitimate measure of physical exertion, it is a leisure sport with minimal risk of injury. Compared to contact sport, the odds of getting tackled or hip checked approach zero, and the chances of getting hit by an errant shot are minimal. This bodes well for those who wish to play long into their golden years with grandchildren in tow. Golf was truly made for all ages. But, make sure you get some stretching in before your round to loosen the arms, shoulders and hips. Whether you do that at home before arriving at the course, or on the practice ground before hitting some practice balls, remaining flexible is a good way to ensure you remain injury free.

4. Shooting “Lights Out”

Hours of fresh air, warm sunshine and moderate exercise lead to a good night’s sleep. Throw in a hearty meal and cold beer or glass of wine and it’s lights out for the evening. Sound sleep helps the entire body rest, regenerate and get ready for the next day.


5. Four x Four

Every ten minutes or so, a foursome tees off with pals, or soon to be pals, with the moments between shots serving as opportunities to engage with one another. Building and maintaining meaningful relationships with individuals as well as with the larger community is one of the keys to well-being. It helps build mental acuity in a friendly setting.


Final Thoughts

Although “results may vary,” there’s no doubting the benefits of playing golf. Benefits that are not only available to privileged country club members but also to anyone willing to give it a try at any of Arizona’s many famed public golf courses. Why not book your next tee time at AZ Biltmore Golf Club. Tee off with your usual group, or book in as a single and meet new people. The game of golf is the walk of a lifetime. Take advantage of our almost year-round weather and let golf help you stay healthy.