How to Play the Links

Hole #1 | Par 4

The opening hole on the Links Course is a short dogleg to the right. This Par-4 doesn’t require much more than a hybrid or long-iron off the tee for most. Be cautious of straying too far right, as some large trees may come into play.

Hole #2 | Par 5

Lined with trees and water down the left side, the tee shot on this Par-5 can be challenging. A slight dogleg to the right makes this green difficult to reach in two. Laying up here will give you the best chance at birdie.

Hole #3 | Par 3

Go for the pin! This short Par-3 doesn’t offer many obstacles, just watch out for the overhanging trees on the forward tees and two bunkers at the green.

Hole #4 | Par 4

This is a great hole to make up a shot, so don’t be afraid to use a driver on this short par 4. For long ball hitters, using a 3 or 5 wood off the tee will leave you with a wedge onto the narrow green. Be careful of the large bunker in front of this green.

Hole #5 | Par 3

This Par-3 has a few tricks to look out for. With a blind tee shot, the green opens up around the corner if you push it slightly to the right.


Hole #6 | Par 4

This hole opens with an intimidating tree-line shot. Don’t get shaken though, the fairway opens up for a clearer view of the green on your second shot.

Hole #7 | Par 4

Here’s another chance for you to take a stroke off! With a strong drive off the tee and the wide fairway this hole offers, you’ll be left with just a short wedge onto this large green.

Hole #8 | Par 3

Time to play it smart on this short, and surprisingly difficult Par-3. A narrow, elevated green is protected by bunkers and will require a precise shot.

Hole #9 | Par 5

A slight dogleg to the right makes this Par-5 tough to reach in two. Because of the small creek running through the middle of the fairway, laying up is not the best play. Be aggressive with your shot towards the green that slopes from back to front. But, be careful of the bunkers that surround the green.

Hole #10 | Par 5

The fairway on this Par-5 is lined with trees, leaving you a pretty narrow window for your tee shot. Consider clubbing-up to get on this elevated green.

Hole #11 | Par 3

This Par-3 is very straight forward. All you need to play are the two large bunkers on each side of the green.

Hole #12 | Par 4

Don’t get wet! This short Par-4 has a lake in front of the green that is reachable, but is not visible from the tee box. A Long iron or hybrid is a safe play here, that will leave you with a short iron or wedge into this green.

Hole #13 | Par 4

You’ll be playing a sloping fairway on this long Par-4, so make sure your strike is a good one off the tee. If you’ve had a good drive, getting onto this elevated green shouldn’t be a problem as long as you stay out of the two large bunkers.

Hole #14 | Par 4

Because of the sharp dogleg to the right, laying up on this short Par-4 is suggested. With a short iron left to this elevated green, clubbing up is a good call.

Hole #15 | Par 3

This is our signature hole offering some of the best views Phoenix has to offer! An 80ft drop makes this elevated Par-3 one of the best holes in golf. Choose your club wisely, the deceiving drop makes you think you need more club than you actually do.

Hole #16 | Par 4

This Par-4 has a sloping fairway (front to back) that might cause a side hill lie for your second shot. The green is slightly elevated, so an extra club may be necessary. As one of the larger greens on the course you can really go at this pin.

Hole #17 | Par 4

Another beautiful view of the city! Try and keep your tee shot to the right if possible, as this hole’s fairway slopes from right to left. Stay to the right on your approach of the green, staying clear of the two large bunkers to the left.

Hole #18 | Par 5

With a slight dogleg left, this Par-5 five makes for a great finishing hole. Your tee shot will be tight because of the sloping fairway (left to right), and trees hugging the right side. Go at this green with your second shot despite the obstacles surrounding it. This hole makes for a great opportunity at birdie, or even eagle!