Golf is a fascinating sport. The smallest adjustments on a golf swing can have a huge impact. Plus, each player’s body mechanics are different, meaning unique adjustments need to be made, customized to each individual. If you’ve been trying to make these adjustments alone, it’s time to switch things up and hire a golf instructor that has years of experience.

Here at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club, Tina Tombs is our top LPGA Teaching Professional. We offer a variety of golf lessons and instruction packages to help cater to players of all skill levels. Tina is committed to helping you improve your golf game, while bringing a new enjoyment to this wonderful game we call golf. Progress in life is satisfying, even when it’s in small chunks.

Individual golf lessons start off with a one-on-one interview to assess your current skill level and goals. This is where you’ll want to start, too, even before showing up for your first lesson. Coming up with goals is a big key to finding success faster. Once you have a goal in mind, you can start moving toward it with total clarity. This first lesson will also include evaluating your current swing mechanics and positions, mindset, as well as assessing your overall health and current equipment.

Even though, as a beginner, you’ll be starting your lessons in a foundational, basic fashion, it’s important to remember that we also offer on-course lessons, which allow you to go out with Tina and practice different shots while playing the course.

It’s one of the best ways to learn the game within the game, and be in course situations that you can only emulate on the driving range. You’ll need to speak with Tina about the best package for you, but this style of lesson is very popular with intermediate players. Once you get your setup and swing mechanics down, it’s important to also be learning about the strategy behind making plays on the course.

We also offer group lessons at the AZ Biltmore GC. Lessons are tailored to the group’s needs, and can be customized to focus on short game, bunker shots, or full swing lessons. Each group lesson will be at minimum one to four ratio to ensure that all students receive proper attention and instruction. We also do corporate golf clinics, which can be focused on any part of the game. Groups should include over 16+ students, and it’s best to decide upfront on what lesson will be taught on.

For more information on Phoenix golf lessons at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club, please contact Tina Tombs at 480-225-0948. You may also visit Tina’s website at  We look forward to having you in for a lesson soon. Thank you.